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Shop 2, 76-80 John Street, Cabramatta, NSW, 2166

Product range

  • Nasonex
  • Telfast
  • Zyrtec


    • Aerius
    • Claratyne
    • Lamisil
    • Resolve


      • Canesten
      • Daktarin
      • Difrax
      • Medela
      • Nuk

      Baby Accessories

        • Phillips Avent
        • Tommee Tippee
        • Novalac

        Baby Formula

          • Karicare
          • S26 Alula
          • Snugglers
          • BabyLove
          • Huggies

          Baby Toiletries

            • Curash
            • Johnsons' Baby
            • Vicks
            • Fess Little Noses

            Children's Health

              • Nurofen
              • Panadol

              Contact Lens Care

                • Opti Free
                • Bausch & Lomb
                • Ulta
                • Revlon
                • Natio


                  • Maybelline
                  • L'Oreal
                  • Strepsils
                  • Betadine
                  • Durotuss

                  Cough, Cold & Flu

                    • Dimetapp
                    • Codral
                    • Biotene
                    • Oral B
                    • Sensodyne

                    Dental & Oral Care

                      • Colgate
                      • Listerine


                        • Freestyle
                        • Accu-Chek
                        • Gastro-Stop
                        • Metamucil
                        • Ural

                        Digestive Health

                          • Hydralyte
                          • Coloxyl
                          • Visine
                          • Audiclean
                          • Ear Clear

                          Eye & Ear Care

                            • Systane
                            • Refresh
                            • Betadine
                            • Band-Aid
                            • Nexcare

                            First Aid

                              • Jobst
                              • Dencorub
                              • Jobst

                              Foot Care

                                • Footlogics
                                • Scholl
                                • Palmolive
                                • Tresemme
                                • Sunsilk

                                Hair Care

                                  • Pantene
                                  • Schwarzkopf
                                  • Palmolive
                                  • Tresemme
                                  • Sunsilk

                                  Hair Care

                                    • Pantene
                                    • Schwarzkopf
                                    • Garnier Nutrisse

                                    Hair Colours

                                      • Schwarzkopf
                                      • L'Oreal
                                      • Nad's
                                      • Gillette

                                      Hair Removal

                                        • Nair
                                        • Veet
                                        • Revlon

                                        Hand & Nail

                                          • Sally Hansen
                                          • Manicare
                                          • EukyBear Blitz Nitz
                                          • QuitNits
                                          • Neutralice

                                          Head Lice

                                            • Moov
                                            • KP24
                                            • Zovirax
                                            • Blistex
                                            • Chapstick

                                            Lip Care

                                              • Sunsense
                                              • Nivea
                                              • Braun
                                              • Making Life Easy
                                              • Surgipak

                                              Medical Equipment

                                                • Breath A Tech
                                                • Allersearch
                                                • Lynx
                                                • Nivea Men
                                                • Just for Men

                                                Men's Essentials

                                                  • Gillette
                                                  • L'Oreal Men Experte
                                                  • Natural Instinct
                                                  • A'Kin

                                                  Natural Skin Care

                                                    • MooGoo
                                                    • Trilogy
                                                    • Dymadon
                                                    • Voltaren
                                                    • Advil

                                                    Pain & Fever Relief

                                                      • Panadol
                                                      • Nurofen
                                                      • Tena
                                                      • Palmolive
                                                      • Ansell

                                                      Personal Hygiene

                                                        • Rexona
                                                        • Nivea
                                                        • QuitX
                                                        • Nicotinell

                                                        Quit Smoking

                                                          • Nicabate
                                                          • Nicorette
                                                          • Dettol
                                                          • Natio

                                                          Soap & Bath

                                                            • Nivea
                                                            • Palmolive
                                                            • Cancer Council
                                                            • Nivea Sun
                                                            • Banana Boat

                                                            Sun Care

                                                              • Neutrogena
                                                              • Sunsense
                                                              • QV
                                                              • Bio Oil
                                                              • Nivea

                                                              Therapeutic Skin Care

                                                                • Neutrogena
                                                                • Dermaveen
                                                                • Swisse
                                                                • Caruso's
                                                                • Ethical Nutrients


                                                                  • Nature's Own
                                                                  • Blackmores
                                                                  • Medical Vita Diet
                                                                  • IsoWhey
                                                                  • FatBlaster

                                                                  Weight Loss

                                                                    • Optifast
                                                                    • Impromy

                                                                    Our Services

                                                                    Ons Pharmacy Cabramatta Compounding Services

                                                                    We offer a full compounding service to prepare specialised tailored medicines and products that are not available in 'pre-made' or 'proprietary forms'.  Most of our compoudning iteams can be ready for collection within 30 minutes*.  Our creams are compounded by machine ensuring accurate, even & smooth consistency at all times. 

                                                                    *  Collection times may vary.  Please ask the pharmacist when placing your script with us for dispensing.


                                                                    On’s Ons Pharmacy Blood Glucose Monitoring Diabetes

                                                                    We can help with all aspects of blood glucose monitoring.  We can carry out in-pharmacy checks or set you up with your own glucometer for home management.

                                                                    Blood Glucose Monitoring

                                                                    On’s Ons Pharmacy Blood Pressure Monitoring

                                                                    High blood pressure is often called the 'silent killer'.  We can help you keep track of this with our FREE Blood Pressure Monitoring service.  Come in as often as you like and we can even give you a print out of your results to take to your doctor.

                                                                    Blood Pressure Monitoring

                                                                    On’s Ons Pharmacy Diabetes Assistance NDSS Blood Glucose

                                                                    If you're having trouble with your blood sugar - come in today and talk to us. Our pharmacists are experts in diabetes care. We will help you understand the reason for your medicines, how the benefit you and how you can take control of your diabetes. It's all about better blood sugar and better long term benefits for you.

                                                                    Diabetes Assistance

                                                                    On’s Ons Pharmacy Inhaler Technique Assistance Asthma Management

                                                                    Do you suffer from Asthma? Want to breathe with ease? Talk to us about your Asthma medicines. Our pharmacists are experts in how to use Asthma inhalers and other asthma medicines. Often, the slightest improvement in your technique can make big differences in your Asthma control!

                                                                    Inhaler Technique Assistance

                                                                    On’s Ons Pharmacy Home Medicine Reviews In Store Medicines Reviews Cabramatta

                                                                    Sit down one on one with a pharmacist to review your medicines. We can help you understand your medicines better and address any problem areas. Getting the best possible benefit from your medicines may mean better future health. We can do this in the pharmacy or in the comfort of your own home. Call us today to book your free appointment.

                                                                    Home Medicines Reviews & In Store Medicines Reviews

                                                                    On’s Ons Pharmacy Weight Loss Advice and Support Healthy Eating

                                                                    Staying healthy can be a struggle - especially with time pressures all around us. We can help with your weight journey with the right medical advice and a range of options to assist you achieve your goals. Come and talk to trained professionals who will support you as a person, with the right care and advice.

                                                                    Weight Loss Advice and Support

                                                                    On’s Ons Pharmacy Consumer Medicines Information Medication Advice

                                                                    Medicines can be confusing. Our pharmacists are experts in medicines advice, especially when it is a new medicine. We can help get you started with your medicines and even if you've been on them for a while - we'll provide you with printed medicines information - best of all it's FREE!

                                                                    Consumer Medicines Information

                                                                    On’s Ons Pharmacy Dose Administration Aids Websterpaks Medication Management

                                                                    If you or a loved one are taking multiple medicines - we can help. A Dose Administration Aid' organises all of your weekly medication doses into one pack. It organises your doses for each day and time of day and takes the stress out of taking your medicines.

                                                                    Dose Administration Aids

                                                                    On’s Ons Pharmacy NDSS National Diabetes Services Scheme

                                                                    We are a National Diabetes Services Scheme (NDSS) sub-agent. We can provide subsidised needles, pump consumables and blood testing strips on your NDSS membership.

                                                                    NDSS - National Diabetes Services Scheme

                                                                    On’s Ons Pharmacy Medical Equipment Hire Sales Crutches Shower Chairs

                                                                    Crutches, Wheelchairs, Walkers, Walking Sticks, Gophers, Commodes, Shower Chairs, Reaching Sticks and more.  We have access to a complete range of medical equipment.

                                                                    Medical Equipment Hire and Sales

                                                                    On’s Ons Pharmacy Price Match Competitve Prices Low Price Guarantee

                                                                    In the event where our price is greater than a competitor's everyday price or an advertised/promotional price, we will gladly match that price *conditions apply.

                                                                    Price Matching

                                                                    Running out of time?  Why don't you try our mobile ordering prescription service?  Leave your prescription with us and we will file it accurately and safely.  When you are due to have your prescription filled, we will send you a phone notification.  You will always know how many repeats you have left with the help of our FREE Scripts Management app - Medadvisor (availble on the Apple Apps or Google Play Store).  We will also keep a comprehensive record of all of your medication dispensed by our pharmacy, allowing for complete reporting for PBS Safety Net totals and end of financial year tax records to be generated without any hassles.

                                                                    Scripts on File and Reorder Service

                                                                    We live in busy times and most of us don't like to wait.  At the (insert pharmacy name) we offer a no wait script service.  When you arrive at the pharmacy your script is ready for collection, with no need to wait.

                                                                    No Wait Script Service

                                                                    Are you on a number of medications with complex regimens?  Do you sometimes miss a dose?  Are you worried about taking the right medication at the right time?  If you have any of these concerns, a dose administration aid is a simple answer.  For a small weekly fee, we can organise your medications into a weekly blister system.  This will give you the peace of mind that you are taking the correct dosage at the correct time of the day, and take out the stress of managing medication and scripts.  Ask on our friendly staff for further information.

                                                                    Medication Management Service

                                                                    Sit down one on one with a pharmacist to reivew your medications.  We can help you understand your medicines better and address any problem areas.  Getting the best possible benefit from your medicines may mean better future health.  We can do this in the pharmacy or in the comfort of your own home.  Call us today to book your free appointment.

                                                                    Dose Administration Aids

                                                                    Influenza and Whooping Cough vaccines can be administered by our specially trained pharmacists without a prescription.  No appointment required and available day or night.  Please ask our staff for further details.

                                                                    Pharmacist Vaccination Service

                                                                    If you can't get to your GP for an influenza vaccine then we can help.  Our pharmacist team is able to administer these in the pharmacy.

                                                                    Influenza Vaccination

                                                                    Our easy in store haemoglobin test involves a quick finger prick to obtain a small sample of blood.  The sample is inserted to our Laboratory Grade Haemoglobin Analyzer and results are given in under one second.  If the level produced is outside of the normal range our trained consultants will offer you free advice on how to manage your iron levels or refer you to your doctor for further testing.

                                                                    Iron Testing Service

                                                                    We have partnered with Sleep Therapy (insert pharmacy state here) to provide a local professional sleep apnoea service.  We can assist with advice, information, screening, sleep studies and CPAP machines and masks.

                                                                    Sleep Apnoea

                                                                    Can't get to us?  No problems, we will come to you!  If you would like your medicines delivered please just call the pharmacy on (insert phone number).

                                                                    Home Deliveries

                                                                    Can't get to our pharmacy?  No worries, we can organise for your medications to be delivered via our professional delivery partner, Kings Deliveries.  *charges may apply.

                                                                    Local Delivery Service

                                                                    Our store offers an excellent range of Independent Living Aids aimed at mobility and home help, depending on your needs.  Crutches (in different styles and different heights), wheelchairs, walkers, shower chairs and over-toilet chairs are some of the products we have available.  These items are available for purchase or short term hire.  Our expert team members can track down items for you if we don't have them in stock. 

                                                                    Independent Living Aids

                                                                    Hospital Grade Breast Pumps available for hire.

                                                                    Stockist of Medela Symphony Breast Pumps

                                                                    (Insert Pharmacy Name) are happy to pass on the $1 discount on the Government funded Pharmaceutical Benefit Scheme (PBS) to our customers.  With the $1 discount,  the amount required to reach your Safety Net threshold remains the same.  If you take up the $1 discount on prescriptions, it may take you longer to reach your Safety Net entitlements.  Our pharmacists are able to help you calculate whether the $1 discount will benefit or affect you reaching the threshold, and will advise you on the most cost-effective option for you.

                                                                    Discounted Prescription Medicines

                                                                    Storage of expired and unwanted medicines in the home can lead to environmental damage.  There is a free and convenient way to dispose of your unwanted medicines responsibly via your local pharmacy, and it's called Return Unwanted Medicines (or The RUM Project).

                                                                    Return of Unwanted Medicines (RUM Project)

                                                                    Our pharmacist team is able to assist with your statutory declarations and certifying copies of official documents.

                                                                    Statutory Declarations or Witnessing Documents

                                                                    If you are too sick to go to work and can't get into your doctor, we can provide you with a 1 day absence from work certificate.

                                                                    Absence from Work Certificates

                                                                    We offer direct billing on approved worker's compensation claims.  Avoid the inconvenience of having to personally claim money back from insurers and let us do it for you.

                                                                    Workers Compensation Services

                                                                    Shop 2, 76-80 John Street, Cabramatta, NSW, 2166  

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